Sociability Regimen: Dance Lessons

I need to learn to dance. I have excuses – lots of them – for why I can’t. Well I can, but only in a sort of goofy, freestyle way that can sometimes offend.

I need to grow up. I need to really dance, with the steps and stuff.

And I need to meet new people.

So Wednesday night I’m going to attend a Beginner Tango class. It just so happened I was describing this ambition of mine to my son on a walk between Mac’s Broiler and Tap and the Baskin Robbins several doors down when I saw a sign advertising dance lessons in a large window. The sign was so big I couldn’t see into the studio.

So here’s the question: If I want to meet women, should I go for the Tango, or for this?



One thought on “Sociability Regimen: Dance Lessons

  1. Oh, I get it !
    Tease-ah-pole !
    Tease-ah-pole !
    …. Oh, but wait a minute …
    you’re a “guy” …
    and I’ve never seen a guy do a pole dance before …
    so maybe you’d better stick to her … with the Tango.

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